Gary Philoctete

Gary Philoctete has more than two decades of experience working in the humanitarian and development sector with non-profit, aid and development organizations in Haiti. A civil engineer who has studied management and administration, Philoctete has extensive background in program development, emergency operations and fundraising, as well as a wealth of experience in strategic planning, resource mobilization and multi-sectoral programming. Philoctete has managed programs in water and sanitation (WASH), livelihoods, infrastructure construction, micro-enterprise development, agriculture and energy and conservation. He has fulfilled a wide range of managerial positions with CARE-International, Save the Children and he is currently the Country Director and Senior Vice President for Haiti Operations for J/P Haitian Relief Organization



Jean Wiener

Jean Wiener is the founder and director of the environmental NGO Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine (FoProBiM) based in Haiti.  Specializing in coastal and marine issues he has worked on environmental issues in Haiti for over 25 years and has undertaken a wide variety of conservation and community development activities during this time. 

He has designed, developed, and executed projects for international multi-lateral organizations, private foundations and governmental agencies.


Masani Accimé

Dr. Masani Accimé was born in Brooklyn, New York to Haitian parents, and was raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti from the early age of 2. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Eastern Kentucky University in 1999, and then attended veterinary school at the University of Florida, graduating with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. Dr. Accimé has been a small animal general and emergency doctor at local hospitals and clinics in NYC since 2004.

Dr. Accimé has strong bonds to her native country, and has been working on endangered wildlife conservation initiatives in Haiti since 2009, and has been especially present to the needs in her country since the earthquake in 2010.


Frank Schott

Frank Schott has spent almost 30 years in the technology sector around the world for Microsoft and Arthur Andersen & Company. Since 2005, Frank has served as a NetHope Senior Global Program Director in charge of the Field Capacity Building and Emergency Response initiatives. His developing world experience is “hands on” with time spent on programs in Haiti, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining NetHope, Frank worked with public and private sector clients developing programs and solutions around the use of technology in the developing world. His client list includes UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), the University of Washington, Naguru Teenage Medical Centre and Microsoft Corporation.

In 2010, the Microsoft Alumni Association named Frank a Microsoft Integral Fellow. This prestigious award recognizes Microsoft alumnus who have made a meaningful difference in the lives of others by using his/her talents, time and resources to contribute to the world.


Sean Dimond

Sean Dimond serves as the US Executive Director for Pilgrim Africa. He has over a decade of experience in international nonprofit and corporate communications, resource development, and executive nonprofit leadership. Sean has been deeply influenced by indigenous, rural communities around the world, and has worked passionately to advance international human and social rights. 

Confident that the right story at the right time can change lives, Sean is thrilled to be a part of the Save the Devil team. 


Jennifer Wheeler

As a conservation biologist, Jennifer understands that saving wildlife requires bringing people together. While with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, she assembled the International Black-capped Petrel Conservation Group and collaborated on the creation of the Conservation Action Plan for the species. 

In her current affiliation with BirdsCaribbean, an NGO dedicated to conserving birds and their habitats in that region, she continues to coordinate and facilitate the group's activities to conserve the Diablotin.


Glenn Smucker

Glenn R. Smucker is a cultural anthropologist who has specialized for the past 35 years in practical applications of anthropology to human problems.  Smucker holds a doctorate in cultural anthropology from the New School for Social Research.  Smucker has worked in several countries of Africa and the Caribbean; however, the primary focus of his professional life has been Haitian society and culture.  Smucker first came to live in Haiti as a child in 1960.  Smucker has directed major programs in reforestation and natural resource management and published articles and reports on a broad range of Haitian topics. 

He is the primary author of a book on Haitian peasant organizations and major policy studies on the Haitian environment.  


Chris Morgan

Chris is an ecologist and award-winning conservationist, educator, and film producer dedicated to inspire a new wildlife conservation movement. His work over 25+ years has spanned 5 continents and his message of hopeful conservation has reached millions around the world.

Chris has hosted TV productions for PBS, National Geographic Television, BBC, Discovery Channel, and has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. He is a familiar voice of the world-renowned television series PBS NATURE having narrated thirteen films since 2011 on topics ranging from lions to pelicans.

Chris is executive director and co-founder of Wildlife Media – a non-profit conservation organization that oversees ‘BEARTREK’, a global campaign and independent feature documentary for bear conservation. The film and campaign will be released in 2014.


Justin Stright

Justin is the Executive Director of DurhamCares and has 15 years experience in both the non-profit and private sector. His work focuses on where business, churches, and non-profits have a natural intersect investing in healthy community development by Creating Shared Value.

In his prior post as Regional Director at HOPE International allowed for him to implement at an international scale in Haiti, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Peru and Dominican Republic. 


Andy Shaver

Andy Shaver has worked in international humanitarian and development aid for the last 10 years, primarily in the East and Horn of Africa. Andy has coordinated humanitarian programs in conflict and post-conflict zones for a number of international organizations such as UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration. His keen interest in wildlife conservation emerged after observing the world’s second largest mammal migration whilst living in South Sudan – a phenomenon that occurs every dry season, despite decades of conflict and relentless poaching.

He is currently an independent consultant based in Nairobi, and if he’s not traveling on assignment in Africa you will likely find him in the Kenyan bush with a bird book and a pair of decent binoculars.


Liz Sanderson

Liz has lead many lives driven by her endless curiosity and tireless pursuit of bringing diverse voices to conservation through innovative storytelling. A positive force to be reckoned with and Lawyer by training, Liz brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial and philanthropic experience to SAVE THE DEVIL. Additionally, Liz has served on the following boards Seattle Group Theatre, The Research Department, Seraph Capital Forum, People’s Telecommunications, National Cable Television Cooperative, National Cable Television Center, and most recently The Outdoor Channel. Liz graduated from Colorado College and earned her law degree from Pepperdine Law School where she helped form the Pepperdine Environmental Law Society.

Liz enjoys traveling with her family and friends, playing and listening to music, and is currently working on a book about Autism.