Can we save the devil and save ourselves in the process? This is the story of two families fighting for life. 

One is a family of Haitian farmers struggling daily to feed their children and one is a family of birds formerly thought to be extinct living in the last place on Earth they can hide. As starving Haitians burn the remaining trees and move further up the mountains to grow food the birds must move or die. Haiti is almost completely deforested and it is only a matter of time before there are no trees left. The bird, called the Black-capped Petrel by scientist and the Diablotin by locals, is a speaker from the future. The bird is an indicator of what is to come. When the little devil is pushed to extinction the people are not far behind. 



This feature documentary is an attempt to unite humanitarians and conservationist with the Haitian people.  It is also an attempt to unite people with their home the Earth. This is the true story of finite resources and the value of intact ecosystems. This is a story about about how everything is connected and how our ability to survive as a species is directly linked to our ability to take care of the Earth.  This is a true story that will affect all of us one day.  

Our crew is small and our goals are big. Fortunately, we are supported by amazing people and organizations in Haiti and around the world who are experts in humanitarian work, conservation work, education, fundraising, and filmmaking.  Join us.   




The Black-Capped Petrel


The Boucan Chat Family